Marine litter assessment Marine litter assessment

 WP 4


To facilitate the efforts of policy makers and stakeholders in effectively dealing with the issue of marine litter in the Adriatic MacroRegion.


-  To provide a comprehensive, coherent and transparent characterization and analysis of the marine litter problem     (including socio-economic aspects) in the Adriatic;

To pave the way for the adoption of a coordinated and harmonized approach in terms of marine litter monitoring;

 - To provide recommendations related to policy options in meeting regional and national objectives regarding marine litter (MSFD, ECAP);

- To identify gaps and needs as a basis for setting priorities for action in terms of addressing the issue of marine litter effectively and ensuring the sustainable management and use of the marine environment and coastal zones.


-  Defining an assessment and monitoring strategy for marine litter in the Adriatic, through a deliberative process;

 - Carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the status (amounts, composition, impacts) of marine litter in the Adriatic, through monitoring surveys in the different environmental compartments of the Adriatic and analysing the related socio-economic implications;

-  Establishing a Regional Network of Experts on marine litter in the region;

Setting up a marine litter database;

Building capacities to monitor marine litter in a harmonized way through reinforced exchange of experiences, techniques and know-how;

 - Building synergies with other ongoing relevant initiatives/projects in the region and capitalizing on existing knowledge.