SimDis SimDis
SimDis – Simulator of random values of the continuous probability density function
SimDis program generates random values (Monte Carlo simulation) of 14 continuous statistical distributions. Distributions are determined by the values of its parameters. Simulated values are recorded in the output list as a text which can then be saved or transferred (copy / paste) into a spreadsheet (Excel) or in a text processor (Word).
The appendix demonstrate the program steps:
1. Select one of the available distributions.

2.The parameters of the distribution. Entering values.
3. Select the number of simulated values.
4. The execution of the simulation.
5. Generated random number of distribution.
6. Mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum value of generated distributions.
7. Pressing the Esc key stops (cancels) to perform simulations.

8. Pressing Option simulation results is shown as a graph.
9. Graph is shows the frequency histogram of simulated distribution with the parameters given by probability density function (PDF).
10. Pressing About and Distribution shows the mathematical form of the actual distribution function.
Program (zip) You can download here.
Author: dr.sc. Mladen Tudor