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05. lipnja 2019.


SUSHIDROP: SUstainable fiSHeries wIth DROnes data Processing
Program: Italy - Croatia CBC Programme
Total budget: 1.714.847,50 €
Duration of the project: 01/2019 - 06/2021
Web: https://www.italy-croatia.eu/
Lead partner:  Laboratory of Marine biology and fishery of Fano, Italy

Reliable and up-to-date information about the state of marine resources is essential to support sound management decisions for the protection of ecologically important areas. Conventional fish capture procedures are extremely onerous in terms of human resources, besides being extremely invasive for the ecosystem they are meant to monitor: the capture of many non-targeted organisms can be high and unacceptable. For this reason, the use of capture methods such as trawls are prohibited in Marine Protected Areas.
Within SUSHI-DROP, a customized UUV will be developed and equipped with acoustical and optical technologies in order to implement a non-invasive mean to assess environmental status of habitats, fish stocks population and, in general, to monitor the biodiversity of marine ecosystems. The final aim is to combine the georeferenced information gathered by the UUVs and the one related to the spatial extent and patchiness of fishing pressures to better understand the sensitivity of the habitats to those pressures and to design and implement more effective marine management plans. The development of such sensitivity analyses is becoming a priority for the preservation of the biodiversity in the Adriatic Sea


  • Laboratory of Marine biology and fishery of Fano (ITA)
  • Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (CRO)
  • Marche Region (ITA)
  • Fisheries local action group Costa dei Trabocchii (ITA)
  • Association for nature, environment and sustainable development SUNCE (CRO)
  • Split - Dalmatia County (CRO)

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