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27. veljače 2019.

Remote sensing of marine ecosystems

Remote sensing is the only avenue providing a comprehensive spatial and temporal coverage of the ocean. The information obtained by remote sensing is used to study the marine ecosystem in a variety of ways, most notable being the usage of temperature and chlorophyll maps and time series derived from them. Applications based on these data are cornerstone, but are far from the potential that could be realized if remote sensing finds a more widespread use in disciplines such as marine biology and ecology, in combination with ocean physics.
World leading experts from the field of ocean colour remote sensing, a space technology of the outmost importance for studying the marine ecosystem, will participate in the workshop. The workshop will provide opportunities to Croatian scientists for networking and for engaging with topics related to remote sensing. The focus will be placed on usage of remote sensing data provided by the European Space Agency under its Ocean Colour - Climate Change Initiative (OC-CCI), with the aim of promoting more usage of data in ecological studies of the marine ecosystem. 
The expected outcome of the workshop will be to create awareness of the potential of remote sensing for ecosystem study, and to disseminate knowledge on space technologies and applications which can then be transferred and applied to the Adriatic Sea. The workshop will contribute to a greater usage of remote sensing data, in particular data related to sea, in future scientific research in Croatia. Potential applications are studying the Adriatic Sea ecosystem and fisheries, aquaculture, algal blooms and generally bio-physical interactions in the Adriatic Sea. The workshop will showcase the excellence and applications of the OC-CCI climate-quality time series of ocean colour sponsored by the European Space Agency.

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