DelaunayTriang DelaunayTriang

 DelaunayTriang – program which from the set of points in the XY plane creates and shows a 2D Delaunay triangulation.

1. In the generator of points entering the desired number of points. Minimum and maximum values ​​for the XY coordinates are entered. Pressing on the 'XY Random Generator' from the uniform distribution U(Min, Max) random values ​​for X and Y axis are generated. The coordinates of points are entered in the 'Insert Points'. When manually entering the X and Y numbers of at least one blank space must be separated.
2. Data in ‘Insert Points’ can be entered from a file or save it by clicking the 'Points…'.
3. Pressing the Delaunay Triangulation’ triangulation grid is generated. Triangulation process can be shown by selecting the 'Animated'. Showing rate is determined by entering the desired number of milliseconds to pause between steps triangulation.
4. Editing and manipulating graphs can be accessed by clicking at the right mouse button.
5. Clicking 'Save triangles' a new window is opened to save the XY coordinates of the vertices of triangle ABC, which are made Delaunay triangulation. Data are stored in the file as Text File so you can easily use in Excel, Word or another text processor.

Program (zip) You can download here.


Author: dr.sc. Mladen Tudor