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Project lead: Laboratory for benthos


Biodiversity of benthos in the middle Adriatic Sea (Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, grant no. 001-0000000-3203)



Invasive algae of the genus Caulerpa in the Adriatic Sea (research, monitoring and eradication) (grant from Croatian Ministry of culture)

Project web page (in croatian) 

Mapping of Posidonia oceanica habitats for Natura 2000 sites (grant from State Institute for Nature Protection)



Cooperation in other projects


Brown algal biodiversity and ecology in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Total foundation)


Implementation of monitoring quality of coastal and transitional waters in the Adriatic Sea according to EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) (Croatian Water Agency)


CIESM Tropical Signals Program (CIESM)

Program web page


Croatian national monitoring program "Project ADRIATIC – section "Exotic species"


Quality of coastal waters - Croatian national monitoring program (Croatian Water Agency)



FAO AdriaMed project


MEDITS (Mediterranean International Bottom Trawl-Srveys) 


DemMon – monitoring of commercial trawlnet fishery


Numerous impact assessment studies (aquaculture, construction etc.)





Project lead: Laboratory for benthos


COAST: Vis-Biševo, (UNDP grant), 2008 




Cooperation in other projects

Typology od transitional and coastal waters, reference conditions and evaluation of ecological state of coastal and transitional waters of Krka and Šibenik coastal area (Croatian Water Agency), 2007